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It’s in your DNA. 

In the tapestry of Munich’s techno scene, our roots are deeply embedded in the heart of the city. Fuelled by a shared passion, our dynamic team of young individuals drives inspiration from years spent organizing events and outdoor raves. From the pulsating energy to the indelible memories forged at our events, our collective spirit converges to craft experiences that bring people together. As artists, music aficionados and custodians of culture, each team member brings a kaleidoscope of creativity and innovation to the forefront, shaping DNA Club into vision. DNA is not merely a venue; it’s a canvas where techno and art seamlessly fuse into a holistic experience for the senses. Our hometown Munich serves not only as the location but an inspiration, to convey the spirit of the city and its musical scene. Together, we aspire to transcend the conventional boundaries of nightlife, propelling you into a realm of pure, unadulterated techno bliss. To us, nightlife is the heartbeat of our identity – of our DNA. 


We believe in  music and high quality: We are confident to say that DNA is powered by Lambda Labs for an extraordinary music experience through the night.


Our club is an inclusive space where music transcends differences and unites us all.


Our phone-free policy ensures an immersive experience where you can lose yourself to the rhythm and melody.


You are our priority. The entire DNA team is dedicated to providing you with unwavering support and guidance from start to finish.
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"Quisque id elit semper, vehicula tellus in, posuere lacus. Curabitur nisi eros, finibus ac eleifend at, varius vel purus."

Cassie Donald
Founder, CEO
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